Session Info

Sessions range from 1 hour to longer

  • 7 Days a Week
If this is your first time I will need to sit with you to discuss your preferences and health.

It is helpful, if possible, to email me when considering a session. I will always respect your wishes and limits as I expect you to respect mine.

I will only play scenes that I enjoy but am open to your suggestions however please remember that I do not follow orders - you follow mine.

My Favourites

CBT (Cock & Ball Tortute)
Corporal Punishment 
Foot Worship 
Leg & Ass Worship 
Tease & Denial 
Verbal Humiliation 
Needle Play

What I want from you

I would like you to come clean and washed otherwise you will be instantly dismissed. I want to be treated with the utmost respect. I want you to do as I say. I want you to obey my every command.

What I don't want from you

I do not tolerate the use of drugs or Alcohol before or during our time together. No personal services, BDSM activities, should not be confused with prostitution.

No Enemas, Hard Sports, Adult Baby, Blood Sport, Cutting, Wrestling, Scarification or anything I consider dangerous in any way. I will not take orders from you.